Draft of Final Reflection →  Due Monday,  MAY 18th

FINAL Reflection and Portfolio → Due Friday, May 22nd 


In Class Work

Post a response on the Discussion Section of Open Lab to ONE of the Activities on this  Week of April 12th PowerPoint!

WEEK of MAY 4th


  • Final Project 3 and Due May 12th. This is the Multimodal Project and Artist’s/ Author’s Statement.

In Class Work:

  • Please read through the Week of May 4th Presentation. It is about how to write an artist’s/ author’s statement. I will hold Zoom meetings during class time to discuss further! Please join if you can.
  • Please post a response to ONE of the Activity Boxes in this week’s Presentation the Open Lab Discussion.

WEEK of APRIL 27th


  • Description of/ Outline/ Draft of your Multimodal Text Due Tuesday, May 5th

In Class Work: 

  • Here is the Week of April 27th PowerPoint. It takes you through each of the steps of how to create your multimodal project! 
  • Read (your textbook) Understanding Rhetoric: A Graphic Guide to Writing: Issue 6
  • Answer the following questions on the Discussion section of OpenLab:
      • How do different genres speak to different audiences (provide and example). Do they serve the same purpose? Do they use the same rhetorical strategies (ethos, pathos, logos)? Does the author’s voice or “identity” shift between the genres? Explain. Use a real example! 

WEEK of APRIL 20th

In Class Work:

  • Here is the PowerPoint for the Week of April 20th (click the link). Please read through the PowerPoint. There are several ACTIVITY pages. Please respond to the prompts on the activity pages on the Discussion Page on OpenLab. This will count as your In-Class Participation Grade! 
  • Here is a Word Document of Project 3 – Multimodal Project (Click the link!). It is your Unit 3 Project! As always, email me with questions.
  •  I will be available for check-ins and I will go over the Project during class period on Zoom. Check your email for the link!


  • Your homework this week is to write a Unit 2 Reflection. You may submit it via email or Dropbox. It must be at least 250 words. Please include the word count at the top of the page. Write a brief summary of Unit 2. Questions to consider (though you do not have to answer all!:
    • This unit was a whammy, we switched from in class learning to remote learning, we covered an enormous amount of content and you accomplished a huge amount!
    • How did the Unit go? Discuss what you learned about yourself as a writer and researcher during this process. What felt most successful? What felt most challenging? What was the most interesting part?
    • Did you try anything new? How did it go? What did you learn? How will you be able to “transfer” or use this learning in other classes?
    • The focus of the unit was on Research and genre, what did you find interesting? What did you learn? What would you still like to learn more about?
    • What are your thoughts on the experience in general? Was it a useful learning experience? What specific skills or perspectives did you acquire as a result?
    • Is there anything else you want me to know about you as a writer (or reader) or your work in this class?


  • Here is this week’s PowerPoint saved as a PDF. Week of April 13th Lecture. If you have trouble accessing it, let me know. There are no audio files or videos.
  • I will be going over the PowerPoint via Zoom between 10 and 10:40 on Tuesday April 14th and Thursday April 16th (it is not mandatory, just if you want to have my help!). I will send the link out right before class time. If you would like my help going through the PowerPoint or with revising your draft please join the Zoom or email me with questions.


  • Instead of creating videos this week, I created audio files that I embedded into a PowerPoint. However, this made it too large to upload to OpenLab If you want the audiofiles, you can use the link to the dropbox file below or else you can see a PDF of the Lecture (minus my voice) on the PDF here: Week of April 1st
  • Here is a link to the PowerPoint on Dropbox that contains my audio files: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/l86ifp2j84atjuysw5nfw/Week-of-April-1st-copy.pptx?dl=0&rlkey=6i7rxyrtrvbr2up84fhig23ay


  • The PDF of the PowerPoint for the week has 3 mini lessons (Elements of Argument Writing, Recognizing Bias in Sources, and Source Credibility), I have also attached below 3 accompany mini lessons via video. The PowerPoint, provides all of the activities and “in-class” work that is expected of you during the week. DOWNLOAD HANDOUT AND PDF!
        • Here is the PDF of the Lecture: WEEK of MARCH 23rd Presentation
        • To view the homework and to download the handout and the reading, please go to the OpenLab section titled Unit 2 Readings and Handouts.

1. Elements of Argument Writing

2. Recognizing Bias

3. Source Credibility



  • Check in and overview of how the class will work. This can happen via Zoom (check your email for log in). Or you can read the email I sent and email me with questions during class time and I will reply right away (or anytime after and I will reply as soon as I can).