Unit 1 Lecture 1 Handout

Lecture 1 Handout

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  1. Purchase required textbook: Understanding Rhetoric: a Graphic Guide to Writing by Losh, Alexander, Cannon, and Cannon. You must have the textbook by next class!
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  1. Narrative Writing Assignment Due Tuesday, February 4th

**Write a short story or poem that describes a vivid memory that was significant to you or reveals something about who you are as a person. In your piece, include sensory details (descriptions of sights, sounds, smells, tastes, physical feelings) to help the reader imagine the scene. Represent at least three of the five senses.

**You piece should be about 250 words. Please include a word count at the top of the page. It should be typed in Times New Roman 12 point font and double-spaced.

**Use this piece as an opportunity to introduce yourself to me. Tell me something about you that I might not otherwise know!

Oranges by Gary Soto

The first time I walked

With a girl, I was twelve,

Cold, and weighted down

With two oranges in my jacket.

December. Frost cracking

Beneath my steps, my breath

Before me, then gone,

As I walked toward

Her house, the one whose

Porch light burned yellow

Night and day, in any weather.

A dog barked at me, until

She came out pulling

At her gloves, face bright

With rouge. I smiled,

Touched her shoulder, and led

Her down the street, across

A used car lot and a line

Of newly planted trees,

Until we were breathing

Before a drugstore. We

Entered, the tiny bell

Bringing a saleslady

Down a narrow aisle of goods.

I turned to the candies

Tiered like bleachers,

And asked what she wanted –

Light in her eyes, a smile

Starting at the corners

Of her mouth. I fingered

A nickel in my pocket,

And when she lifted a chocolate

That cost a dime,

I didn’t say anything.

I took the nickel from

My pocket, then an orange,

And set them quietly on

The counter. When I looked up,

The lady’s eyes met mine,

And held them, knowing

Very well what it was all


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