Unit 2 Readings/ Handouts

WEEK OF APRIL 13th (Due April 20th)

In Class Work:

    • Read through the PowerPoint Lecture for the Week of April 13th found in the Lectures section. Complete  Week of April 13th Handout as you read through the presentation. You will be expected to turn in this handout via Dropbox or email.


    • Your homework will be to revise your drafts of your Unit 2 Project. Your final projects will be due Monday, April 20th. I will send you comments on the drafts ASAP. Begin revising them as soon as you receive the comments.

WEEK OF APRIL 1st (Due April 8th)

  • Homework:
    • Annotated Bibliography Draft of All 4 Sources
          • Required Elements (Description or summary of sources, analysis of author’s craft, evaluation of the source, explanation of how the source informs your research)
          • Include MLA Format Citations of Sources
          • Introduction to Project
          • Conclusion to Project


WEEK OF MARCH 23rd (Due March 30th)

  • Homework: Read “The Williamsburg Renaissance” by Jessica Guerra. Answer the following questions either on OpenLab Discussion OR upload to Dropbox/ email me. The article is here: TheWilliamsburgh Renaissance
          • This piece was written by a CityTech student for English 1101! I like the piece a lot because it show cases a very effective way to present the research that she procured.
          • What is the problem that Guerrar identifies in her neighborhood? What reasons and evidence does she provide?
          • What solution to her problem does she offer? Do you agree with her proposed solution? Why or why not?
          • What did you think of this piece? Explain.
    • Homework: Write a draft of an annotated bibliography for  ONE of your sources. Do not worry about the citations. We will cover that next week.
    • Handout: WEEK of MARCH 23rd Handout: This handout has all of the activities you will need to complete for the week. They are explained on the PowerPoint. Email/ Check In with Questions.

MARCH 19: Unit 2, Lesson 4:

  • Homework: DUE MONDAY March 23rd at 9am: On the Discussion Thread called Our Research, please reply and provide the following information:
        • Your topic and a brief description of why you choose the topic;
        • Your 4 sources. For each source, tell us what type of source it is (genre, mode, medium, etc) and it’s title.
        • A brief (2-3 sentence) summary of the source. Remember, summaries describe what a piece is mostly about, it’s main ideas.

MARCH 10: Unit 2, Lesson 3:

  • See this PDF of the PowerPoint presentation Presentation to Accompany Unit 2 Lecture 3 for information on the topics we covered in class. If you have any trouble downloading the PDF, email me and we can figure it out. The PowerPoint recaps: 1. The Elements of an Annotated Bibliography (what you have to include!) 2. Possible Types of Sources  3. How to Conduct Searches (so you don’t end up with the top 3 items on Google!)
  • Homework: Find 4 sources for your project. Your sources should be relevant and credible. They should be at least 3 different genres. Be prepared to share your sources when we next meet.

MARCH 5: Unit 2, Lesson 2:

  • Homework: Reading Due Tuesday, March 10th “Affordable Housing Policies May Spur Gentrification, Segregation” by Brian Paul. Read the Article and answer the Questions on Open Lab or on a separate sheet. Affordable Housing

MARCH 3: Unit 2, Lesson 1:

  • Homework: Reading Due Thursday, March 5th “Free Writing Exercises” by Peter Elbow elbow-freewriting-exercises (just read the piece and be prepared to discuss)