Day 1 Handout (Jan 29th)

Introductory Writing Assignment

Introduce yourself to me! Choose 1 (or 2) of the following prompts to write a response to. Write at least 150-200 words. 


  • What are your favorite hobbies, activities or things to do? Why? How often do you do them?
  • Describe a book or a person or a movie or a game that has had a profound influence in your life. Why? Explain! 
  • What’s a current issue in the news/on social media that you have strong opinions about?
  • Describe a goal you have for your future—what is your plan to achieve it?
  • Describe a life event from which you learned a lesson that changed you forever
  • What are you hoping to achieve as a result of taking this writing class?





  1. Isabella

    A show that influences my life is wrestling, I’m a huge wrestling fan. I’ve gone to several live shows/events and they have been amazing. Me and my brother have been watching since we were in elementary school, we watch every week and almost every day. My favorite wrestlers are Randy Orton and CM Punk, they both have amazing theme songs and I enjoy seeing the attitudes they carry as characters and off-screen. 

    A goal I have for the future would be to either become a florist or a marketing agent, since my major is hospitality management I wanted to work in the marketing world for a while so that’s what I chose. I wanted to become a florist because I’ve always loved nature, and I have always been a garden person. I love flowers and learning about agriculture and the many ways plants can be grown. During my junior year of high school, I did an internship at a local community garden, so that’s where my idea to become a florist came from. 

  2. Kiara

    With taking this class I’m hoping to become more involved with my own emotions and opinions towards things. I didn’t find ENG1101 that interesting, I believe a big factor was my professor’s style of teaching. It lacked discussion, enthusiasm and topic diversity. One of my biggest struggles with writing is the length of my work. I can easily overwrite and go off topic or mention things that are unimportant or not necessary to mention to include. On the other hand, I often find myself stuck with what it is that I want to say. This happens especially when I’m overwhelmed with different sources of information for things such as research projects. I’m hoping this class could help me better understand my own thoughts and perspective on things.

  3. DrilonH

    I hope to become a better reader by the end of this class. This is something I hope I can achieve and I believe one day I will. I’ve always been scared of reading out loud in class, fearing that I might mispronounce words or be made fun of. Lately, since college has begun, I’ve been trying to step out of my comfort zone by raising my hand to read. I hope that by the end of this class, my fear will be reduced or even gone for good.

  4. Abraham Volcin

    Hello, my name is Abraham and I do a lot of things. Something you didn’t know about me is I am a sound engineer, musician, DJ and I’m good with computers. My favorite thing to do is create music. I was introduced to music production at a young age. I was into music at a young age around 5 or 6 at an after-school program. As I got older and progressed in Music, I had a few friends that I worked with and brought me into the music industry and I was able to work with a couple of artists. for the future is to have my studio and also work in computer software engineering. for working in computer software engineering I can apply for programs that can help me get into cyber security, and for music, I would keep working with my friends to get all the opportunities to work with other artists.

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