Defend DACA


Join us TODAY at 5PM for the March to #DefendDACA at Columbus Circle.

If you can’t make it, watch the livestream here after 5PM and share it on social media! President Trump and his allies need to hear our message loud and clear: Immigrants are #HereToStay

Spread the word on social media. Sample posts:

  • TODAY we’re marching to #DefendDACA and tell @RealDonaldTrump immigrants are #HereToStay. Join us:
  • The end of DACA would shatter the dreams of 800,000 individuals across the U.S. That’s why we’re marching to #DefendDACA:
  • I march to #DefendDACA and stand with immigrants and their families. You can too. Join us:

“President Trump has spent his first seven months in office trying to turn his anti-immigrant rhetoricinto reality through a series of shameful executive actionsHis latest threat to revoke DACA, however, would be the President’s most immoral and mean-spirited proposal to date. The ending of DACA in any form would shatter the dreams of 800,000 amazing youth across the U.S. It is hard to imagine how any leader in our nation would ever consider taking such an action, but President Trump’s record in office is such that we have to dread the unthinkable. Today we march and reaffirm our solidarity with our DACA youth and their families, and we pledge to do everything within our power to stop the enactment of this cruel policy change. On the streets and in the halls of Congress, Hispanic Federation and its network of 100 Latino grassroots organizations will not stop until all of our nation’s deserving immigrants are granted a viable path to residency and citizenship.”
Jose Calderon, President, Hispanic Federation.