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Hi Everyone! I remember my college years with a mix of enthusiasm, excitement, and a tinge of fear. I went to a large university where it was easy to get lost in the crowd. Part of what helped me get through and have incredible experiences was the ability to connect with others through college programs and clubs that were there to support me. That is what I hope Crear Futuros can do for you. Let us join you on your journey through City Tech and remember that with us, you are entre familia!

Mery Diaz, DSW, LCSW   

Assistant Professor of Human Services  

Faculty Liaison, Crear Futuros  



Crear Futuros Mentors:

My name is Mercedes Lopez. I am currently a senior at NYC College of Technology. My major is Human Services. I joined CREAR Futuros two semesters ago and have enjoyed every minute since. I enjoy interacting with others and networking. Not only did I join for myself but for others as well, to help and educate the best way I can. I find CREAR Futuros to be a great opportunity to do just that. Looking forward for what’s ahead. 

Mercedes Lopez Mercedes.Lopez@mail.citytech.cuny.edu

My name is Ann Jean and I am currently a senior at NYC City Tech and I am graduating this May. I’ve been volunteering with Habitat for Humanity since April 2017. The volunteers of the program help build affordable houses for those who need it. After graduation, I plan to complete the Architectural Experience Program (AXP), while attending grad school. Later, I will tackle the Architecture Registration Examination (ARE) and become an architect. My interests for now leads me towards civic and disaster relief architecture. It’s taken me a few years to form a concrete vision of my career path. Thus, I’ve joined CREAR Futuros with the goal to encourage others to have a try at whatever interests they may have and discover who they want to be. In addition, CREAR Futuros gives me the opportunity to meet students of various majors, offer support, and also allows me to expand my own perspective of life.

Ann Jean  ann.jean@mail.citytech.cuny.edu

My name is Kathrine Legarreta I am currently a senior and my major is Human Services. After recieving my Bachelors from City Tech, I plan to go to on to a Masters in Social Work and become a licensed social worker. I was very excited to be chosen as one of the members for Crear Futuros because I had first hand experience on what having a mentor can do. My mentor was very helpful and even now two years after she graduated we are still in contact. My goal this year as a mentor is to be a support system for my Mentees, and help them create networks. I would like for them to feel connected, which isn’t something people feel often in a commuter school like ours. 

Kathrine Legarreta Kathrine.Legarreta@mail.citytech.cuny.edu

My name is Brian Zhinin. I am currently a senior at New York City College of Technology where I am pursing a B.S in Human Services. Upon graduating from City Tech, I plan on enrolling in Graduate School and pursing a Master’s degree in Social Work. For my career path, I would love to work with undocumented immigrants or LGBT community. I joined Crear Futuros because I believe every college student should have the opportunity to have a mentor to server as a role model to help the student succeed in college. My goals for this year as a mentor to be the helping hand for my mentees and to be able to guide them in the right path.

Brian Zhinin  Brian.Zhinin@mail.citytech.cuny.edu

Research Assistant & Assistant Coordinator   

My name is Bethany Vazquez and I am a senior graduating in January. I hope to work in a nonprofit organization that helps support people with developmental disabilities in any capacity, I also want to continue my education in Graduate School, focusing on Public Health. This is my second year working for CREAR Futuros, and I remain so passionate about this program because I truly believe what we stand for. I’ve seen the power of our reach and have been able to meet wonderful people and gain such amazing memories. I love this program immensely! 

Bethany Vazquez   Bethany.Vazquez@mail.citytech.cuny.edu

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