Colmenares_Alejandro: Class assignment 2


Not the best of days for travel, but my commute was the same nonetheless. i get out of my house and i can walk to either train station to get to school. I chose to go to the 111st station, where it’s headed on 109st. i walk to 108th where i always walk by a Gmc envoy parked on the corner. 109th street always looks more open, so this is where i turn. From here it is a straight walk to the train. I listen to a podcast until the train goes underground, and i switch to my music to drown out the mass of people. It’s fairly crowded so i listen and read the reading for today. It is Jay street, so i get off, climb the stairs out of the train and get on the other side of Jay street. I see the tkts booth, the mini coffee shop, and i turn left to see the starbucks and NYU polytech. I walk down the path to all the construction being worked on the Jacobs building and the new Citytech building. I cross the street and enter the building, and search for the classroom for the day.

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