There are approximately 5 areas that confirm my orientation to getting to school. This image demonstrates the legibility of how I image my route to school everyday. The first stop my home. I have to cross a street, walk down some stairs Ā and then walk through a parking lot in order to get to the bus stop. The bus stop is in front of a Dunkin Doughnuts, a pizzeria and a ChineseĀ restaurant in a small plaza. After the bus then I get in the Subway in Manhattan. Before the train, I usually stop at the Deli to get a sandwich. After the Deli, I get on the train and take it two stops to Brooklyn. AfterĀ I get out of the train, I have to cross a huge Street named Adams st. This block can be identified with having three main stores including Pot Belly, Panera Bread and The Juice Shop. After passing these stores, then the school is rite there.

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