In my last post, my internship was making me edit an album cover for an artist named Alexus Rose. Since then, it has been approved and is currently going through the appropriate filters in order to be put onto websites, promotional markets and buyer platforms. I had a blast designing the cover and I enjoyed the criticism my supervisor gave me as I was in the process of designing it. In the past, I’d mentally become married with my designs. I often found it extremely frustrating when a client, professor, or friend didn’t like my work. Nevertheless, this internship is gradually teaching me to overcome those obstacles.

Currently, I’m editing an EPK for Alexus Rose, a client of C&T Productions. An EPK is an electronic press kit and it’s basically a promotional package in a digital form. For the EPK, I prepared interview questions to ask the artist and I was also responsible for filming all the footage. I was told to use a Sony A7s to film the EPK. Luckily, it was a beautiful, sunny day outside. Even though it’s only March, Mother Nature was able to pull through with 67 degree weather.

After recording the footage, I’ve become really comfortable with the camera and it’s settings. My only issue with the footage is that the raw files are extremely flat. They lack color and I’ll need to spend a considerable amount of time color grading each clip. The month of March has yielded a strange, bluish tone in the footage, which is the opposite of what we want. I’m currently editing everything in Adobe Premiere Pro and I’m animating a very small effect for the intro in Adobe After Effects. Below are my efforts on color correcting the footage. As you can see, the raw footage is absurdly flat before I color corrected it. I may still make adjustments to the color in the near future.