My intros for C&T Productions have been quite tedious. But first and foremost, I’d like to say that the aftermath of midterms have taken a toll on me. I’m currently backed up with both internship work and school work. Furthermore, I can easily say this semester has been the toughest on me by a long-shot. Furthermore, the external hard drive I used to transfer work between work and home has started to make crackling noises, which concerns me. I’m currently saving to buy another one as soon as possible. I know all my classmates and coworkers can relate to me when I say that a reliable flash drive, or hard drive, is essential in this field of work. Believe me, I’ve learned my lesson years ago, as I’m sure we all have.

On the other hand, hereĀ is a screenshot of the video in which I’m doing an After Effect intro for. After Effects will also be applied through selected pieces of the video. (Click image to enlarge)



In the screenshot you see above, there’s many cuts within the video. This is evident when you look at the timeline located near the bottom of the image. The gaps and spaces represent areas in which full clips have been chopped in order to introduce a new scene. In addition, here are screenshots of the intros I’ve made for the video. These are to be places in various time slots throughout the video.

internintern4 intern3 intern2 intern1