This week at C&T Productions, I’m working on social media content. Rather than designing Twitter or Facebook content, I’ll be making videos for Instagram. The client is a band called K.E.S. and they have gathered loads of archive footage of themselves. From doing gig all across the world, they’ve hired cameramen to document their performances. Then they store all the footage in one dedicated had drive. My project is to look at the given footage and create 15 second snippets, which will entice audiences and hook potential fans.


Before I began creating the clips, my supervisor made sure I knew the dimensions of Instagram videos. He mentioned the ins-and-outs of the program, such as the fact that users now have the choice between uploading portrait and landscape orientations. Instagram is no longer constricted to just square uploads. In addition, I was told that the video clips I make must be 640 pixels wide by 800 pixels tall. Audio will be provided to my supervisor and then handed down to me. As my supervisor would say, it would be time for me to “work my magic.”

Throughout my internship experience, my supervisor has been not only encouraging, but a helping hand to almost all of my projects. He has always been there to give me much needed advice. As a matter of fact, I feel so comfortable asking for help that I must remember not to overstep my boundaries. I constantly remind myself that even though advice is a few steps away, I have to learn for myself once in a while. I’d rather learn from my mistakes than not make any mistakes at all.