This week at C&T Productions, I’m still working on the After Effect files for the company. For the most part, they’re done. But the video itself must be properly put together in order for me to place the After Effect files onto them. I don’t believe I’ve stated what the video is about, or rather, who the client is. Firstly, the client is Shorblu Events. Shorblu Events organizes special occasions revolving around the Caribbean lifestyle. They’ve been a client of C&T Productions for ¬†2 years and they seem to have a very strong relationship with the company. My supervisor is from the Caribbean and so am I, so I’m especially connected to this project. I’ve been given 205 video clips to work on and a 3-minute long audio file as well. Making sure the clips match the music can be a tricky task!


The music is a form of music called Soca. It’s an extremely fast paced sort of music, which makes it hard to match clips to. In order to make the video look at synced as possible, I must zoom into the audio and inspect the waveform. Despite how it may sound, it’s quite simple¬†for me. I’ve been using this technique for years now and it’s become second-nature for me.


Lastly, while my internship seems to be going smoothly, I’m beginning to wonder whether or not I’ll continue working for them after the 120 hours is up. As mentioned before, the location is convenient and networking is also a plus. But I strongly want to start my own production comany