In my last blog post, I was writing about an establishing shot that I had to do for my internship. Considering it had to be at least 20 seconds in length, I’ve made a decision to make it 30 seconds long. Not to mention, I’ve also made the conscious decision to make the video black and white. I believe the black and white effect adds an underlying tone to the video. The sharpness of the video also adds to the visually stimulating black and white effect. By using this specific color choice, I believe the tone it creates matches the chosen footage perfectly. Below is the link to the video.

Additionally, I placed black bars on the top and bottom of the clip. This is basically my attempt to make the clip look more “cinematic”. My supervisor told me that even though it makes the clip seem more cinematic, it cuts away a lot of footage to the top and the bottom. When I created the clip, this didn’t even cross my mind. My supervisor also loved the decision to make everything black and white.

Lastly, they complimented my choice of music. They loved the fact that I used something that was not only royalty-free, but it fit the frigid, lonely, cold mood of the video. The audio used was “Tempting Secrets” by a New York City composer and music producer named Kevin Macleod. Last but not least, I’m looking forward to working on new projects at C&T Productions.