Academic Accomplishments

1. The Futures Initiative Peer Mentoring Program:

Description: The Futures Initiative Leadership and Peer Mentoring Program is a community of CUNY undergraduate students from vast disciplines, who come together and build meaningful relationships with one another. The current mentors and mentees in this program and myself, dedicate our time to focusing on elements such as student centered pedagogy, peer mentoring, and leadership development.

2. The CUNY Pipeline Program:

Description: The CUNY Pipeline Program is an initiative that focuses on diversifying the doctoral programs to include students of underrepresented/ minority groups. This program accepts undergraduates from various CUNY campuses, and provides them with the necessary resources to become competitive graduate students. Students who are accepted into the program are required to attend a Summer institute which is comprised of graduate level seminar classes, GRE prep as well as various educational trips. Students receive stipends throughout the year long program which aid them with any fees that they may have to pay. The students who are enrolled in this program also are assigned a mentor who guides them through the process of applying to Graduate schools.

3. City Tech Open Lab: The Buzz Blog:

Description: The City Tech Open Lab: Buzz Blog is a stipended internship  for students at City Tech to express themselves through blog posts. This blog site is composed of 8 dedicated student bloggers from vast disciplines, who post weekly about various topics. This program teaches students how to express themselves effectively through monthly Open lab workshops with faculty members, and peer reviewing sessions each week. Each blogger is required to develop a theme for their blog posts, and create a new piece of writing each week that relates to that theme. While working as a blogger for the buzz students are given a platform to have their voices heard, as well as open space to get their creative juices flowing.

4. Class of 2019 Commencement Ceremony @ Barclays Center