Professional and Technical Writing Assignments:

1. Final Paper for Professor Jason Ellis, Fall 2016, Intro to Language and Technology, ENG 1710 “The Deconstruction of Slack Messenger”

Description: In this paper I explain that as technology evolves the structure of language, as well as the way language is used has been altered drastically.

2. Final Project for Professor Joseph Jeyraj, Spring 2017, Professional Editing & Revising ENG 2730 “Writers of New York City College of Technology”

Description: This assignment is a collection of essays from various disciplines that I edited , and developed into a publication for my Professional Editing and Revising final.

3. Assignment # 3 for Professor Renata Ferdinand, Fall 2017, Advanced Technical Writing ENG 3775¬† “Racism is on the Rise”

Description: In this assignment, I provided a thoughtful analysis on pieces of racist propaganda, while also discussing the history, and controversy surrounding the document.

4. Final Assignment for Professor Joseph Jeyaraj, Spring 2019, Independent Study IS 9010 “Final Proposal”

Description: In this assignment, I was required to find a need on the campus of New York City College of Technology and create a proposal to gain funds to solve this issue.

Africana Studies Assignments:

1. Midterm Paper for Professor Anwar Uhuru, Fall 2015, Africana Philosophy and Religion AFR 2612 “The Raven Symone Controversy Watermelondrea” (Published in City Tech Writer Vol. 11)

Description: This paper dissects the history of negative stereotypes that plague people of African descent, while also analyzing how the statement made by Raven Symone regarding “ghetto names” can reflect an image of self hate within these communities .

2. Term paper for Professor Anwar Uhuru, Fall 2015, Africana Philosophy and Religion AFR 2612 “Erotic vs. Erotica” (Awarded the Michel Forsten Advocacy Award at the 2016 Literary Arts Festival)

Description: This essay uses an excerpt from Audre Lorde’s essay “Uses of the Erotic: Erotic as Power” as way to differentiate the meaning of the word erotic, and how erotic has developed into erotica or the pornographic.

3. Final Paper for Professor Dionne Bennett , Spring 2017, Black New York Interdisciplinary AFR 3000ID “What it’s like to be polished in Las Vegas”

Description: In this essay I spoke about the sophisticated racism I experienced while spending my spring break in Las Vegas, and how each occurrence opened my eyes to the immutable fact that racism is very much alive.