Personal Reflection

For the past few weeks I have been trying to organize myself into words, visuals and tabs that would describe who I am. Initially I thought of this project as a major task that would be difficult for me to complete. As time progressed, I decided that the only way for me to get a good grade on this project is to start it early. So, on one cold November weekend I turned on my computer, logged on to the Open Lab website and then began the process of creating the e-portfolio site.

At first it was difficult to keep up with the structure of each page because I would always miss something. Either a bullet point would be out of place, or one paragraph would be centered and another left aligned. It took a few days for me to get accustomed to the way Open Lab was set up, and there were many times where I forgot to save my changes and I was livid afterwards. However this experience not only taught me a new skill, but it also showed me who I really was. I never knew how much I accomplished until I was asked to put it all in the eportfolio. Once I did that, then I learned that I was a well-rounded young woman with a lot of promise, and a lot of experiences.

After completing my e-portfolio I realized that within the past few years alone, I had made my mark on this world. I know that you the reader must be thinking this young woman is only 23, she hasn’t even lived life yet, what does she know about the world? Well , let me tell you in the year 2017 anything is possible. At the age of 23 I have accomplished so many goals, that at times I surprise myself. Yes, there are times when I second guess my capabilities, but my support system (my family, close friends, mentors) always persuade me to work past my insecurities, and do me.

I like to think of myself as a person ahead of my time, or an old soul within a young person’s body. I’ve always been more compatible with my elders than people my own age. Because of this quality, I’ve experienced life through a different lens or perspective. I feel as though my personal perspective on life has enabled me to create my path to success. Although this path had been turbulent, I have seen the positive aspects for my struggle while working on the eportfolio project. Not only did this project improve my technical skills but it also helped me learn who I really was, and what I am capable of in the process.