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My name is Cherishe Antoinette Cumma and I currently reside in Brooklyn, New York. I come from a mixed background of Southern and Caribbean roots. My father’s side of the family is from the little island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. My family in St. Vincent are farmers who spent the majority of their lives cultivating crops, and selling them in their own shop, along with other goods such as cakes and pastries. My father’s family provided agriculturally for the people in their village/ surrounding neighborhood. My mother’s side of the family has roots in the south specifically Florida. My mother’s side of the family was musically inclined, and one of my relatives even had the opportunity to perform at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem. Both sides of my family were and still are strong-willed people, who worked hard to achieve their goals and aspirations. I feel their drive running through my veins any time I think about my passion for academia and my field of study.

As a student at New York City College of Technology, I am currently pursuing a career in English specifically Professional and Technical Writing. Throughout my coursework, I have opted to take classes in African studies and I realized that I had a passion for writing, specifically writing about issues that impact the African American community. In the past year, I became even more obsessed with African history, and I decided that I would like to pursue a degree in English/ Journalism with a minor in African studies. I made the decision that I wanted to apply for Graduate school so that I could further my education, and also achieve the highest degree possible and feel accomplished as a student. Throughout the years that I have spent in college, I’ve encountered many obstacles that could have hindered my success if I choose to let them. However, with every adversity that I faced, I gained a new piece of knowledge that taught me how to make it through each semester. This knowledge that I have acquired has been so helpful to me that I would like to share it with anyone who will listen. I hope by sharing my personal experiences with others I can empower others to work through issues they are having in life whether they be personal or academic.

My main purpose for writing is to share my passions, pain, and purpose through a medium that impacts others, and forces them to look at life through an altered or new perspective.