Internship Responsibilities

Primary duties during internship:

  • Develop the communication skills needed to respond to all project constituents.
  • Learn to submit invoice requests and respond to faculty about payments.
  • Learn and understand the logistics and components of the project and help plan meetings to ensure project coordinator is meeting those deadlines.
  • Apply writing skills to develop letters, web content and correspondence to project constituents.
  • Develop skills in coordinating and summarizing meetings.

Projects/assignments worked on or completed:

  • Completion of Payment Requests for each Professor affiliated with NIH Bridges Scholars Program.
  • Corresponding with members of The NIH Bridges Scholars Program to organize meeting dates.
  • Editing and revising student biographies to be uploaded onto the program’s website.
  • Adding scholars research interests into certificate templates for submission to the Honor Scholars Convocation.
  • Take notes and act as a personal scribe at Bridges Scholars meetings.
  • Send out reminders and instructional emails to scholars about off-campus excursions, such as museum visits.
  • Email over 200 students to inform them about the opportunities that the NIH Bridges Scholars Program could afford them.

Other activities:

  • Complete assigned data entry into excel sheets and then upload information into google drive.
  • Correspond via email and text with Bridges scholars to let them know about mandatory events they must attend.
  • Inform students about conferences, poster submission/ abstract submission deadlines and dates of other end of the year ceremonies.
  • Organize phone conversations between project coordinator and prospective scholars.
  • Input confirmed appointments into a Google calendar, and make sure to send reminders to the program coordinator and prospective scholar about an upcoming appointment.