Taking a Second…

When observing your surroundings, can anyone say they’ve fully taken it in? I sure haven’t. It’s been approximately four weeks since I started interning for Ayaka Nishi and three weeks since I began walking around the East Village neighborhood like a tourist. One would think in three weeks that I would’ve noticed the competition just a few doors down from Ms. Nishi’s studio. A small quaint jewelry shop. It’s quite amazing to see the difference in how both businesses coexisting on the same block advertise their business. This small tiny little detail only reinforced how much more I should train my eye to be a fine tooth comb.

This morning I helped cleaned the studio and set out the sign that advertises Ms. Nishi’s jewelry and her jewelry school program, which is only one of the few usual things I am ever assigned to do. This particular morning was quite interesting since she had a much different task for me to do that didn’t involve jewelry. She asked me to design clothing tags and my immediate thought was “Oh my God is she dabbling into fashion design? If so, then this internship just keeps getting sweeter because this is my forte. Fashion period is my language.” So to pressed on for further details and it turns out that Ms. Nishi’s favorite designer is based in Thailand and no longer sells her dresses for retail, thus  buying numerous designs wholesale.

Regardless, I was still excited for this task since I have never been asked to design a clothing tag before. In fact, I enjoyed this little project so much that I came up with several variations within a short period of time. Ms. Nishi commented on how much she could tell that I was enjoying myself. She picked her favorite and then it was time to print them out. To say that I was excited was an understatement. And alas they were printed and attached to the dresses hanging right off the most sleek and minimalistic clothing each I had ever seen. In fact, I spent the rest of the day making tags, but this time for new jewelry that has yet to be released. The contentment I felt was indescribable simply because I had all the new jewelry to be released. I know plenty would roll their eyes at me but it felt like I was VIP, almost like I was a well known content creator getting exclusive access to things that had never been released. I mean my employer has had pieces on BEYONCE.!!!!