The Event

Today the studio was closed in preparation for an  event later tonight. This event was called “Blossoms & Butterflies”, a collaborative event with Ayaka Nishi’s friends who own the fragrance company Euphorium Brooklyn. The event would be taking place at The Flower School, since the Euphorium Brooklyn is known for their exotic oils and fragrances.

After work I hopped on the train heading straight for The Flower School, which I later learned held classes for anyone wanting to gain the knowledge of putting together a bouquet.

My first impression of the place was WOW, this is fancy and the flower arrangements around the place were absolutely beautiful. The gold accents around the venue really drew me in, I was inspired by the gold motif around a vintage mirror the hung on the wall just past the curtain upon entering the school. The music was blaring and the DJ seemed really into the set he was playing.

When I got to the event there were only a few people there, alongside Ayaka Nishi and my colleagues were also interning for her.   Minutes later people started to pile in and then the event really began. I met the co-owner of Euphorium Brooklyn and we had quite an interesting and insightful conversation about how he develops the scents for the brand. I even learned that he considers alternatives for the environment, which happens to be the reason he doesn’t have a business card. “Why not save a tree? The stories behind my fragrances should be what people come into contact with.”