Thoughts on the Shepard Fairey Hope Copyright Case

Upon reading this article, in regards to the “HOPE” poster by contemporary artist Shepard Fairey, he rations out the inspiration behind the infamous poster. Fairey’s support of Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign and his ideas were the sheer inspiration behind such an iconic image. One would think that it makes sense to create art surrounding someone you idolize and that indeed is relatable to people, especially as they’re running to become  free leader of the world. Fairey displayed no ill intention with the creation of the poster not to mention he didn’t personally reap any profit from its sales. In fact, to remain respectful and practice ethical standards he contacted Obama seeking permission (which he received) for the creation of the image. HOPE is a symbolism of patriotism and a vision of a strong leader that aims for stability and a prosperous future for the American people. We’ve seen that the absence of symbolism and a slogan that resonates with the American people can be a downfall when running for presidency. It was a major key seen even in the unfortunate, horrific, and rather traumatic 2016 election, which I will not discuss or reflect upon. Fairey is a representative for artists everywhere who should be able to make art freely.