Finding An Internship

After a serious lack of clarification from the Co-founder of the company I was previously excited to work for I was now back on the hunt for an internship. I was growing frustrated to find an internship in time. I began applying to as many  positions as I could find. Within two days I applied to over 30 internships and had high hopes that someone would get back to me. By the next two days I had a few interviews filling up my schedule. On Friday, I met with jewelry designer Ayaka Nishi. It wasn’t that I just needed an internship, but from the moment I stepped foot in her quaint little studio in Downtown Manhattan I could immediately see myself working there. Her jewelry really inspired me and while I wouldn’t be explicitly be designing clothes or around them accessories are still a huge component in fashion. I’ve even been inspired to take one of her jewelry making classes since it’s a trade I’ve always been interested in learning. Over the weekend Ms. Nishi agreed to have me aboard her graphic design team. The idea of shooting content for her website really excited me especially when I recognized some of her pieces on Beyonce’s Lemonade. I just had to take the position!