Lights, Camera, Action Pt. 2

I woke up gleefully today not that this part is really relevant, but I felt like today was going to be a good day. I quickly scurried into Starbucks to get my coffee and walked through the neighborhood that always gives me something to look at or try. Got to Ayaka Nishi’s studio and greeted everyone good morning and began cleaning the studio. 

After cleaning the studio Ms. Nishi dropped it on me. The photoshoot was today. Happiness and nervousness both set in. It was just now hitting me that I’d be doing this. I’d be a photographer shooting a PRO-FESS-IONAL model. I began helping Ms. Nishi with the setting up the backdrop and steaming the parts most visible to the camera. Ms. Nishi went out to buy some plants to help with the aesthetics of the shoot. The biggest challenge was the gloomy weather outside, which threatened a particular shot that she wanted. We watered the plants and I steamed the clothing that the model would be wearing, while Ms. Nishi got the new pieces of her collection ready. Afterwards I was quickly sent to lunch before the model arrived at 2pm. I was getting nervous as the time went on. Then the model arrived and she was indeed polite. One of the jewelry production interns served as an assistant getting the pieces on and off the model. I was nervous but a few minutes into it my creative instincts took over and I ended up getting some great shots. After the shoot was over I transferred all the pictures to my computer and bid my farewell for the end of the day.