My First Day with Ayaka Nishi

My first day working with jewelry designer Ayaka Nishi actually didn’t feel like work. My day started with cleaning the studio alongside Ms. Nishi and the other interns. After cleaning we all changed into slippers and left our shoes by the door, a rule I abided by at home. I was pleasantly surprised when she served me coffee from her French press in a tall glass mug that I’ve only seen served in fancy cafes. My workspace was now complete! I had a hot fresh cup of coffee, music in the background, and an air humidifier with essential oils near by. I found my work environment to be quite comfortable and everyone was dressed  casually but still fashion forward.

Today’s first assignment was to update the sliding home page on her website since the Valentine’s Day sale has passed. We got to work setting up for the shoot at the front of her studio, which doubles as her store. Then we began swapping different pieces of her jewelry and taking test shots. Once we found the perfect the image I got to work on photoshop.  By the end of the day Ms. Nishi was satisfied with the photo I edited and published it on her website.