06. An Exciting Project!

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Over the past two weeks, I have been responsible for importing data into the platform and using it to create interfaces for a site we are building for one of the clients. During our initial meeting regarding this project, my supervisor provided me with a lot of information, so I had to take notes, memorize steps, and ask follow-up questions on Slack as needed.

It was a bit overwhelming and intimidating, but also very exciting to finally use the platform and apply what I have learned after exploring the backend. As I continue to use the platform, I keep finding ways to complete tasks more efficiently, using shortcuts and other strategies.

There are many aspects to keep track of for a project like this; I needed to exercise attention to detail, using strategies such as keeping a checklist, color coding, leveraging the power of Google sheet comments, Slack extensions, handwritten notes, navigating multiple tabs, split screen, using dual monitors, etc.

Over the span of two weeks, I finally was able to import a great majority of the data, which was roughly 25 worth of Google sheet tabs, and built the necessary interfaces for the site so my supervisor would have something to show the client at their next meeting. In terms of interacting with clients, my supervisor does all that, then she and I discuss their feedback and tweaks in our weekly meetings.

The UX/UI of the platform was not as helpful as I had hoped, so I made sure to keep track of them in my journal… and discuss them with my supervisor at our meetings.

Next week, my supervisor will have updates from her meeting with the client. I will make revisions based on the client’s feedback and clarifications. See you then!

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