05. Collaborative Work

Photo by Headway on Unsplash

The day always begins with me finishing up tasks I couldn’t get to the week after, or preparing for our weekly meeting with my supervisor. Although, the day before I always make sure to check in with her in case she had something for me to work on first.

Our communication platforms are:

  • Slack: for text, and sometimes video communication
  • Zoom: for weekly meetings with my supervisor
  • Google Meet: for staff meetings

This week, in collaboration with the member I got introduced to last week, I worked on structuring a page for an article and release notes she has been working on. We Zoomed first to talk about the details and scopes of the project, and ask clarifying questions, then used Slack for follow-ups. It was a quick project but fun in that it was collaborative, exercising teamwork skills in a virtual environment.

Aside from that, my supervisor tasked me with putting together a help desk article to inform users, with graphics and words, on how to use a different newly released feature. I was able to use my creative skills to present all the information, not just visually, but in written form as well.

Stay tuned for my entry next week because I will be working on an actual site for one of the clients, which will allow me to put my training on using the platform into practice.

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