03. My Responsibilities/Role

Photo by Olena Sergienko on Unsplash

What you walk away with is always worth more than anything else. I’ve always been someone who is more interested in the experience/takeaway rather than the title, or even the grade (not that I wouldn’t like to continue staying an A student!).

For a very long time, I was undocumented and had to pay for my education out of pocket. It was a struggle, and it even forced me to take some time off from school. Regardless, I was always seeking experiences that added value to my end goal: navigating the industry not just as an employee in a corporate setting, but as an independent designer who is equipped with the business knowledge of design. I took and paid for courses that did not seem to align with my major or contributed towards my graduation requirements (Marketing – Principles of Selling, Brand Strategy for Creatives, to name a few). However, I am hopeful/sure that the knowledge and experience gained from such courses have equipped me for what the industry/workforce has in store for me.

At this internship, my role and responsibilities may not come across as captivating or fitting, in terms of design: Customer Success Intern. However, I specifically chose this organization and stuck to it because of the experience, the insights to gain from behind the scenes, and the people I will be able to network with. During the interview, my supervisor and I discussed and arranged times for me to join and sit in staff meetings, as well as connect with the UX/UI folks.

In next week’s blog post, I will discuss my experience starting the internship and touch on sitting at one of the staff meetings. Stay tuned!

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