10. Updates and Exciting Things to Look Forward To

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Going back to the long project, this week I implemented translation to forms that the site comes with. I am not expecting this project to be fully done anytime soon as we have most components up and running, but we continue to revise some of them as we get feedback from the client. And given the nature of the sites that the organization builds, there is a lot of rewiring to be done in the backend to install all functionalities.

Our weekly meeting with my supervisor did not occur this week, but we communicated over Slack, our main way of communication, so follow-ups and clarifying questions were addressed very smoothly. For providing instructions, my supervisor approached them with screen recordings and send them on Slack.

In addition to working with the building blocks for the site, and enhancing internal helpdesk articles, I also got assigned to organizing data in preparation for building yet another site for a different client. The process will most likely look the same, so I am excited and looking forward.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I am continuing to work for the organization past my internship hours, so I will get to see these projects through until they are delivered, so I will walk away with the full experience of working with clients from beginning to end.

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