In-Class Group Project Experience (PREZI)

Today in class, each group was assigned to work on a presentation within a small amount of time. As a member of my group working on “College Rankings” topic, I did enjoy the experience while giving my participation to the work that had to be done.

As we worked on the presentation, by using Prezi, we found some difficulties. Many of us are basically used to Power Point. A short tutorial was shown in class, but it was not enough for us to start using Prezi right away.  We still had to learn more about some details from it since it is new to us. We had to figure out how to use some basic features that could take us few seconds to achieve if we were using Power Point. Fitzpatrick and I spent more then 5 minutes figure out how to make a sentence in bold, center it then make it in a bigger font. We finally left it in a very simple way and moved on since the time was very short.  As a result, must of us did not finish what we started to work on.

From this small presentation, even though the groups did not get to the ending point as planned, I still learned a lot of things. This experience made this morning, on a simple presentation, makes me feel the pressure that even professionals are experiencing when working in-group or individually in a very small amount of time. Few examples would be the people who work as movie crews, also those working in television or radio stations. This experience was very worth and interesting to me and also  helped me understand how difficult things-that may appear to be easy for some people –are.

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About Fabrice Douillard

My father is an electrical technician who is the first person to inspire me. He always encourages me to assist him at work in order to learn new things. From his drive, I have learned how to appreciate hard work and as a result have become a person who has enthusiasm, ambition, perseverance and integrity. However, my school has taught me how to appreciate group work. I perform at my fullest potential in group setting. I can truly say that my performance is at its peak when I am a part of a group. School has also made me enjoy tutoring others to assist them in become excellent students. Regardless at the position I hold, leader, tutor, or organizer. I never fail to amaze myself and others. Collaborating is what I enjoy the most when it comes to team work. During the Moody’s Math Challenge (a high school statewide Math competition held on April 2011), I worked with my peers to solve the Colorado River’s evaporation issue. I functioned as the data specialist. My portion was added to the writing and the derivation of formulas by other students to create our final work. Once again, my success was dependent on others successes. I understand in life “no man is an island”. It takes my greatness combined with others to breed success. I can also define success as being able to assist others at school, I am known for tutoring my classmates for regents’ exams and in class tests. I believe that if I am capable, then I should share my capabilities to increase others. Alexander Graham Bell was of the same philosophy. Bell considered his most famous invention an intrusion on his real work as a scientist. I am a thinker by the idea to incorporate my talents considered as gifts like math, science, athlete as being thinker outside of the box.

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