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Loggerhead journal entry

This story touched me the most as well as the novel Of Mice and Men , because of the innocence of the way the animals die and how Lennie and the little boy in loggerhead didn’t kill the innocent animals purposely they just wanted … Continue reading

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I absolutely enjoyed reading this book.It was definitely different than passing and Of Mice and Men i love the language of the text  and how surreal the scenes were to real life scenarios . It caught my attention right after chicken little death. I’m not much of a reader but i did enjoy this novel … Continue reading

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reading journal for passing .

Well, unfortuantely i have been having trouble finding the book in the Public Library  , but when we had the class discussion on the first chapter of the book and the encounter i was excited to actually get to get … Continue reading

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Reading Journal (Response to the end Of Mice and Men).

I love this book! i had read it once a very long time ago but i didnt really pay attention to a lot of details as i did this time. I read it the book in a matter of two … Continue reading

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Claribel ‘s introduction

Hello everyone 🙂 ! My name is Claribel Gutierrez and i am a student  at City Tech with the interest to major in Hospitality Management.I am a very outgoing and happy person always working hard and striving for success i absolutely love home … Continue reading

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