End of Passing.

I never expected the end of passing to be like the way it was. Not because it was shocking or sudden, but because a lot of the issues were left unsolved.  Irene was particularly paranoid towards the end and her assumption wasn’t confirmed nor denied. The interesting part to me was if Brian and Clare were really having an affair. I wasn’t really interested and figuring out what would happen if Jack found out that Clare was black. Only because his reaction is expected, he’d be angry and most likely leave her, and Clare  expected, going by what she says, wouldn’t care that much what happens. Although the point of the book was probably not even the least bit about the affair, but I kinda wanted that to be the revelation at the end and how it’ll affect Irene’s relationship with Clare. I don’t think anybody needed to die, that didn’t really solve anything, it just further adds to the questions. Can’t say I’m satisfied but can’t say I’m upset either, it just left me with a “wait what…” kinda reaction simply because it was the one thing that wasn’t expected.

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