Karmen’s Reading Response to Desiree’s Baby

Oh my god!  This is such a heart breaking story!

As Desiree found out and questioned Armand about their child, Armand accused Desiree that she is not white.  At that point I was thinking that how much can Armand love Desiree that he treats her like that after knowing their child is not white?  When Desiree was trying to defend herself pointing out that she has gray eyes, brown hair, and light skin, I was screaming “Armand, really?  How about saying you are not white?” inside of my head.  At the end, when the story revealed that Armand’s mother “belongs to the race that is crused with the brand of slavery” I was shock!

The ending makes me wonder, when did Armand read his mother’s letter?  Why can’t he still love Desiree and their child the way he used to love them regardless what had happened?  For Armand, this might be a decision between love and family pride.  In that case, Armand had chosen the path of keeping the name of his family.

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