Class Info

  • Date: Wednesday, March 22, 2023
  • Meeting Info6:00pm – 9:20pm, Room P-121

Homework Due This Class

  • Completed Midterm Poster
  • Upload it to the Google Drive folder. Please save your files as .ai (Illustrator) files and PDF. Add both to the folder


Basic Image Corrections and Retouching

Today, we will discuss basic image corrections and retouching images in Photoshop.

Using the Clone Stamp Tool, torn images, images that need repair
can be corrected.

Strategy for Retouching

  • Duplicate the original image, or at least duplicate the original layer. This keeps from destroying the image in case you need to start over.
  • Make sure the resolution is correct for the final usage of the image.
  • Crop the image if needed so that it’s the correct for its final usage.
  • Make overall contrast and tonal adjustments.
  • Eliminate any color cast. Does the image have an overcast color such as blue or yellow?
  • Repair the damage and flaws—rips, dust, stains.
  • The colors and tones of specific areas should be adjusted–highlights, midtones, shadows, saturation.
  • Sharpen the image as the last step.
  • You will not always need to do all these steps and sometimes they might not be in this order.
  • Typically, you will work on a full high-resolution photo and afterwards crop or resize a copy for the intended use.

Resolution = the number of pixels per unit of physical length, such as pixels per inch (ppi). Resolution/pixel dimension will affect the size of a file and it’s upload or download time.

You multiple the height x width. An image that is 1000 x 1000 pixels = 1,000,000 (1 megapixel).


What you can expect to learn

  • Straightening and Cropping Images
  • Adjusting the color and tone
    • Curves
    • Levels
  • Retouching
    • Content-Aware 
    • Patch Tool
    • Clone Stamp Tool
    • Spot Healing Brush
    • Healing Brush


Each week we will review homework assignments from the previous class. Today we will take a look at the midterm projects. Be sure to share any tips you learned while working on this project.


Lab assignments are done during class time.

  • Practice using various retouching tools in the file(s) provided.


Each week you will need to respond to two questions posted. This is a requirement for participation part of your grade.

Homework Due Next Class 

All work should be submitted by 11:30pm the day before class.

Each file should be saved according to the following naming convention, 09_LastName_retouching.psd (Photoshop file). Your files are saved with the layers.

  • Find an image (head and shoulders, with bad skin preferably) and use layers for correcting skin as demonstrated in class. Use all the tools available to you and use them on individual layers. Be sure to name your layers so they are easily identified.
  • Upload your finished file to the Google Drive folder.


  • content-aware tool
  • patch tool
  • clone stamp
  • healing brush tool (and spot healing)