A foundation course in typography with emphasis on using type for a multiple of industry related applications

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Class 3 —Variation in Type

During our third class, we not only covered The History of Typography and the Five Families of Type, but  we also reviewed Typographical Anatomy.

  • If you missed the lecture on the Variation in Type and the Five Families of Typography, you can download the slides Variation in Type.
  • We learned the parts of type of similar to our body parts. Download the Type Anatomy sheet and keep it handy to help you identify the different parts of letters.
  • We watched several videos in class:

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Hello my name is Masuma Chowdhury and I’m a freshman in New York City College of Technology. For those of you that don’t know me, I’m really into art and design which is why I decided to major in Graphic Design. I took art and advanced studio class for four years in High School. Below is a drawing that represent my first and last initials of my name. And with those initials I decided to draw two of my most favorite food which is chicken and pizza. I also drew makeup because thats my passion! I love doing makeup and it’s something that represent me. That’s pretty much it for now, I hope to get to know you guys through out the year!


This is a simple drawing that represent me.

Get to know me a bit…


My name is Elliot Vidalon, I’m a freshmen in city tech, for those who don’t know. During my break, I like watching anime and I do draw them whenever I like. I’m also very interested of the Japanese culture and funny thing is I kind of learn some Japanese words from watching anime but the interesting part is my ancestors are actually Japanese because my mid-name “Wuatanave(Watanabe)” is related to a Japanese name coming from my fathers name. Beside of drawing anime and others, I also like music and whenever I like a song and want to play it, I have a piano to practice with and using only my ears to find the right note of each part of the music. I don’t only play piano but guitar as well and I’m still kind of learning. Since I’ve master my piano skills, I have the advantage to play other instruments and therefore I chose the guitar.

This Sums Me Up

Hi, my name is Khaleah. My hobbies consist of playing video games (mainly black ops) and watching horror & romcom movies.  Lastly my favorite foods are fries and waffles.

My Typography

Hello, this is Virginia Sanchez. I enjoy watching youtube, anime, and movies. I look forward to learning many interesting and fun topics while in Type and Media.

Welcome to Deangraphy

Photo Credit : Kendra

Hi , my name is Sidean and to give you a little information about me , my favorite color is blue and I love to play basketball whenever I get the chance. I also very much enjoy playing video games which is actually something that I truly love to do and if graphic designing does not work out for me I would love to do something with video games. I also have two dogs that I also love to be around.


Typography Name
Photo credit Alayna


My name is Safa Cabrera and I’m from Brooklyn, I’m a makeup enthusiast and I love doing makeup. What people notice about me is my nose ring which I’v had since I was child.

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