The last day of class is Thursday, Dec 20th. This is the day the magazine spread project is due. To offer a bit of clarity, here is and example of what you should plan to submit

  • The magazine project is a total of five (5) InDesign pages all together: 1 magazine cover + 4 page magazine story.
  • The 4 magazine pages should be printed as 2 spreads.
  • A spread is 2 facing pages of a magazine.
  • The InDesign pages are 8.5″x11″. When they together as a spread they will be 11″x17″.
  • Save your final file as PDF spreads. Name your file properly COMD1127_BrownM_magazine and add it to the Google Drive folder that will be set up. DO NOT use cropmarks in your PDF file.
  • You will print out your magazine project in COLOR. The cover will be 1 single page of 8.5″x11; the 2 spreads will print on 11″x17″ pages.
  • You will submit both the PDF and printed versions.
  • See the examples below.
Magazine Cover: 8.5"x11"

Magazine Cover: 8.5″x11″










Opening spread (pages 2&3): 11"x17"

Opening spread (pages 2&3): print on 11″x17″










Second spread of remaining story (pages 4&5): print on 11"x17"

Second spread of remaining story (pages 4&5): print on 11″x17″






You will submit these 3 pages to me on Thursday, Dec 20th. During Tuesday’s class we will review each other’s layouts to make sure everyone is correct. It will be your time to get valuable feedback to help you improve your grade. Your project will be judged on your use of:

  • kerning and/or tracking of all type
  • leading
  • grid
  • headers
  • subheads
  • dropcaps
  • indents
  • columns
  • page numbers,
  • mages
  • captions
  • margins
  • gutters
  • everything that we have covered in this class should show in your final project

We will review this one last time on Tuesday.

If you have any other projects that you have not handed in, Thursday, Dec 20th is your last time to submit. I will not be on campus after that day.

If you have been absent the last few weeks and I haven’t seen your project, you might consider coming to class on Tuesday for the last opportunity for valuable feedback to help improve your grade.