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Get to know me a bit…


My name is Elliot Vidalon, I’m a freshmen in city tech, for those who don’t know. During my break, I like watching anime and I do draw them whenever I like. I’m also very interested of the Japanese culture and funny thing is I kind of learn some Japanese words from watching anime but the interesting part is my ancestors are actually Japanese because my mid-name “Wuatanave(Watanabe)” is related to a Japanese name coming from my fathers name. Beside of drawing anime and others, I also like music and whenever I like a song and want to play it, I have a piano to practice with and using only my ears to find the right note of each part of the music. I don’t only play piano but guitar as well and I’m still kind of learning. Since I’ve master my piano skills, I have the advantage to play other instruments and therefore I chose the guitar.

Neighborhood Typography – Type Journal

Type Journal

Take 20-30 pictures of typography in your neighborhood, write a 1-page paper on what that typography tells you about your neighborhood, print it and add to your type journal. Use double-spacing and set 1″ margins on all four sides. Be mindful of grammar and spelling. You can do this in Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Embed your photos in the document.

Due Date: Thursday,  Aug 30, 2018