Due Date

  • Nex week is our final exam
  • All final revisions on your ePortfolio and other assignments are due

To Do

Our final will take place this on Week 15 (Dec 15).  Below are the topics it will cover with links from the resources you were to read, etc, that you will need to use to study for your final.  Your Final Exam will consist of questions that are short answer, True/False, fill in the blank, and multiple choice. It will cover the following topics:

  •  File Formats
  • Color
    colortheoryhandout and ColorQuestions
    Use the “See Inside” Feature of Amazon for the Book “The Secret Lives Of Color” to read the Chapter “How We See Color” and the second chapter about subtractive Mixing as it is an excellent review for the final. Then, there is the jeopardy quiz we played earlier this semester. This is the link to the quiz we played during class. Please use this for studying also –https://www.playfactile.com/colorspace
  • Print Terms: trim, bleed, live matter—see Vistaprint Printing Tips Vistaprintprinting_tips
  • Audio Terms/Formats audiohandout
  • Video Terms/Formats COMD1112Videohandout
  • HTML: the basics

These topics are covered in your readings in the Digital Media Foundations Text, as well as the other resources you were to read or watch or listen to for homework. Review the slide presentations on color, audio and video for you to use while studying. Please also review the terms you are to know for color, file formats, digital audio, print—these are all under weekly assignments section. Below are the slideshows on the major topics that will be on the final.