Jacquelyn Blain

Introductions- Farhana Peam

Hello everyone. My name is Farhana Peam. I’m majoring in computer system. I almost completed my first year in city tech as a student. yet I couldn’t get to visit the campus because of this pandemic. First year in college should always be exciting and a little nervousness. I’ve missed it. Hopefully I’ll be able to go to college in person on coming semester. Online classes were overwhelming at the beginning to catch up with everything as I was completely new to college life then. Now I am doing the best I can. My favorite hobby is to read fictional stories, drawing, listening to music, watching movies and serials. I also like to see sunrise and sunset. it sort of give me a feeling not to give up. Getting to see sun rise tend to give the meaning of starting a fresh new day towards the shinning future. And sunset is a feeling of relaxing after a working busy day. I’m looking forward to this class. Hopefully we will all do our best and get the best grade out of it. All the best everyone. let’s get to know each other and work together and hoping for the best.

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A picture of sunrise (let’s not give up. we will do our best.)


  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    That’s a lovely picture. I’ve always found sunrises to be inspiring, too. A new day, a whole new set of possibilities. And yes, one day, we’ll be back on campus in some fashion.

    • Natalie Mercado

      Find that the sun rise and sun sets are the most peaceful parts of the day. A chance for a new beginning, and a time to reflect on life!

  2. Shanzida Islam

    It is a very nice picture. Pandemic froze all of us. Hopefully our campus will open soon. I am looking forward to that.

  3. Nazifa.M

    That’s a beautiful picture. I also love to see sunset. It always gives me a fresh new feeling. I’m also hoping that we can go back to our campus very soon.

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