Jacquelyn Blain

Introduction- Nahida Akter

Hi everyone, My name is Nahida Akter. I’m a sophmore in city tech and I’m majoring in computer system. I want to complete my bachelor degree in computer system. Because of the on going situation, my first year of college didn’t go as I thought. Learning in online classes was a bit difficult for me. As Everything takes time, hopefully It will get better as time passes. I hope we can all go back to campus very soon. I really miss the in campus environment we used to have in school. It also impacts our learning ability. This is my first time taking summer classes in college. Hope I get to learn a lot from this class. Apart from that, I like to cook new food. I find it interesting to give it a try. I also like travelling and exploring new places especially places with mountains. It gives me sort of hope to move forward. Switzerland is my favorite country. Hope I can visit one day. Hope everyone meet their goal and wishing everyone good luck.

This is one of my favorite place to visit.


  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    I’ve only been to Switzerland once, but it is indeed beautiful!

    As for summer classes… well, they go quick!!! So keep up with the due dates and you’ll be fine.

  2. Shanzida Islam

    Hey Nazifa, I love this picture. Switzerland is so beautiful.

    • Shanzida Islam

      I am sorry Nahida to misspell your name. I thought I was replying to Nazifa. I replied you from cell phone and wrote few things more. But it is not showing up. I am writing again, I also love cooking and hiking. I am a foodie person and I like experimenting different recipes. I went to hike with my husband few times in Bear mountains. the best mountain view for me are great smoky mountains, Tennessee and Hunter mountain Catskills. I would like to visit Switzerland one day.

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