COVID-19 Swiss Government’s Technological Response.

The Swiss government and the Federal Institution of Technology are developing a phone app that can track the people who have the virus but show no symptoms (“Reuters, 2020”). The researchers created an app that uses the phone’s Bluetooth capabilities to collect information about those close to the phone for 15 minutes. In case someone tests positive, the test result will be shared by the app, and those in contact with that person will have a chance to decide if they should get tested or self-quarantine. The government and the researchers are testing the app by tracking soldiers who volunteered to install the app.

Switzerland and Huawei’s Partnership Regards the 5G Network.

Switzerland and Huawei’s partnered to build its 5G Network. Switzerland is one of the first European countries to roll out a 5G network in its territory. Huawei, the Chinese telecommunication technology company, has started to establish a business relationship with some of the essential Swiss technology companies to develop a private and industrial 5G networks (“Fouquet,2020”). In Switzerland, many of the most influential companies in the telecommunication industry are looking forward to the update. The case of a pharmaceutical company trying to incorporate the Network into their work system. Some of these telecommunication companies in the country believed that the 5G Network could benefit patients in hospitals by improving the current technology in some hospitals. In addition to that, some farms in some areas of Zurich, Switzerland, are monitoring cows using the Network with the motive to collect faster and value information that can benefit the business.

The Cutting Cheese Robot.

One of the biggest surprises at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas came from the Idiap Research Institution from Switzerland. The researchers created a serving robot machine with the capacity to heat cheese and slice it (“Martin-Hemphill,2020”). The robot is the only robot in the world that can do such work. The idea behind the projects is, to show that a robot can learn using a demonstration technique inspired and supervised by the cheese expert Eddy Baiilliafd. The creation of the robot is a unique demonstration that proves the unique technology advantage of the country.