The apparel and textile industry in Switzerland is well known for high quality.

The Swiss apparel industry is very advanced, as they focus on the manufacturing and development of textiles. However, this also means that clothing from Swiss brands is also very expensive. Many Swiss brands know they can’t compete internationally in terms of pricing for their products so they “have had to find ways to be distinctive and to respond more quickly and be more inventive than their international competitors.”(Facts and Figures, n.d). According to the Swiss Textiles’ annual report from 2019, 70% of Swiss textile and clothing products were exported, with textiles amounting to 1.2bn Swiss francs and clothing amounting to 1bn Swiss francs.

The Swiss brand Kjus has made a boom in the market by utilizing backwards integration. The “K-System” is one of the first steps in the process.



The secret behind any successful product is how it incorporates new technology to improve its performance and functionality without compromising any of its other features. The core of the partnership with Kjus is the K-system, which focused on three aspects in sportswear, the K-motion, the K-climate, and the K-Craft. (“,2020”) The K-Climate system uses the AC-VENT; to regulate the body temperature. The AC-VENT allows the garments to adapt to different climates. If the temperature is too high, it releases the heat, and if it low, it stores the heat. The sportswear is build to resist strong winds and moisture exposure. The K-Motion uses pioneer stretch technology that allows the garment to adapt to a whole range of movement. The lightweight material uses the creation of the garments, which offers comfort and mobility. The K-Craft represents the artistic works illustrated in the sportswear design at Kjus. From the innovative technology to the particular details in the garments. The sportswear offers an incredible experience to the clients.