Nevicata will be internationally, marketing ski suits from the Swiss- brand, KJUS. International target markets include Canada, France, and Japan.

Scenic Beauty… Boundless Energy ….Adrenaline! These are just a few words to describe the Swiss Alpine experience.

Motion blur in the foreground as a skier descends a piste in the Swiss resort of Zermatt in the Alps, with the peak of the Matterhorn in the distance. George Clerk/Getty Images

Participate in the phenomenon know as KJUS during your next winter excursion.  A brand which allows you to add the words sustainability and versatility to that list.  These are factors which are rare,  in the contents of one’s everyday closet. KJUS has been worn by Olympic athletes as well as the average joe. Take this time to consider climbing the Jungfrau or Matterhorn summits , in full KJUS attire !