Various denominations of the Swiss Franc, a fifty, twenty, and ten Swiss Franc banknotes sit grouped together in Bern, Switzerland. Photographer: Stefan Wermuth/Bloomberg/Getty Images









Before COVID

     In the year 2019, The money that was spent from Customers in Switzerland was in second place to the United Kingdom (Switzerland B2C E-commerce,2019). E-commerce companies alone offered products, solutions as well as information that were customized online. In the main e-commerce indices, Switzerland was ranked the highest (Switzerland B2C E-commerce,2019). In Switzerland, the internet dimension was also a strong point. People in Switzerland spent about 7.87 billion euros in shopping from local companies and about €1.9 billion euros by shopping online from different foreign companies (Ecommerce news,2020). Swiss GDP is steady and increases and the economy is improving the E-commerce cross border as well as domestically. Switzerland’s economy has always been stabled and is getting better as each year goes by.


                                     Economic After COVID

Many countries all around the world have been affected by Covid-19 especially Switzerland. Because of coronavirus, Swiss’s GDP down to about 6.7% Revill, 2020). The last time Swiss GDP shrunk was in 1975 Revill, 2020). However, there are predictions that in 2021, the Swiss GDP will increase back to how it used to be Revill, 2020).  The unemployment rate is expected to increase by 3.9% in 2020 and in 2021 Swiss unemployment is expected to increase by 0.2% totaling in 4.1%
 And Because of  COVID-19, the Swiss populations were affective in negative ways leaving more than 63% of Swiss people without jobs (Revill, 2020).

Switzerland’s government is doing it’s best to aid the country by distributing aid packages to businesses all around the country ( 2020). The Swiss government agreed to $14.2B to help finance unemployment insurance, businesses and non-profits etc. ( 2020 ). Because of the government helping Swiss people, they are able to slowly get back on their feet.

JUNE 2020

The economic freedom score in Switzerland is currently 82.0 which is the 5th freest in 2020. In June 2020, the score increased by 0.1 points (Economic freedom, 2020). Out of 45 European countries, Switzerland is ranked number 1 (Economic freedom, 2020). They are still the number 1 country in the world with a stable economy (Economic freedom, 2020). Swiss is now making major improvements from the pandemic and hopefully, by next year they will be even much better improvements.