Le Guin – Reading Response #1

After reading The Day Before the Revolution for the first time my mind was all over the place. I had no idea of what to make of this story. It took me awhile to finish this reading because I wasn’t focusing on it. I felt it was way too long and just flat out confusing especially all the different names. While reading I caught myself just looking at the words and not grasping/ paying attention to them and I was not understanding what I was reading.  I then read this story over again and got somewhat of a better understanding. I felt the imagery Le Guin used was great. From the details in the story I was able to picture the different peoples appearances  ex : “(an old woman with grey hair . . . in a slum, muttering to herself)” Le Guin page 12.  I imagined an old lady sitting on a dirty city street. I also imagined a very gloomy setting wherever the old lady went almost like a dark cloud on top of her. I think that the old lady wanted to preserve the area around her in which she was so used to and to keep everything the same as it always was even as she is getting older and older and all she is doing is just reminiscing on the past when she was younger and how everything used to be. I still didn’t fully understand the whole meaning this story is trying to give off but I think it can be interpreted in different ways. I feel that adding other names and places confused me and it was hard to try and change back and forth on who Le Guin was writing about. I think the main focus of this story should have been only about the old lady’s life and not other people because I was at times unsure with who is who. One part of the story I felt was interesting was the quotation “(courage – what was courage? . . . not fearing, some said. Fearing yet going on)” Le Guin page 6. This part really made me think about how there are many different meanings of words and its just based on how you interpret it.  I would think that this story is a utopia because of how the old lady lived and wanted everything to be the way it was for example: being with her husband. I think that shows this story is a utopia because that was her perfect world, her husband being alive.

From reading The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas I can say that Le Guin is good at using adjectives and imagery to enable the reader to imagine or put themselves in that setting. This story also confused me. Le Guin didnt actually give any specific names of people, but just kept repeating “they”,  “he”, “the child” . I wanted to try and place a character in the situation because I was able to clearly picture where and how this story was taking place. On the first page Le Guin described the Festival of Summer which led me to believe it was a happy place where everyone of Omelas came together and celebrated. After continuing reading Le Guin writes about the child who is locked in the basement. I didnt like this at all because the child was being referred to as “it” and because that Le Guin really enables the reader to picture how everything looks really made me feel bad for the child and the harsh living conditions. I felt this was weird because to what I thought, the first page was described as a happy place with “a cheerful faint sweetness of the air”. I think that this story was an example of a dystopia because although in the beginning of the story it was described as what I thought was good environment, Le Guin added the element of the child locked in the basement with a rusty bucket and dirty floors. Le Guin writes that perhaps the child was born defective with feelings of fear and neglect. I think that can maybe be a dystopia because in the real world its okay if a person may have some type of defect or disability and they are still equal to any other person. But, in Omelas where I interpreted as a “perfect sounding” world the child added almost a feeling of negativity. (which in my opinion is wrong) The element of the child in this story really made me dislike it.



About Kayla

       Hi, my name is Kayla.  I was born in Brooklyn and I am the oldest out of three children. I have two younger brothers. This is my second semester here at City Tech and my major is dental hygiene. I hope to maybe go onto dental school sometime in the future. A few of my hobbies are cooking and listening to music.

       Once I graduate and earn myself a good enough living I really hope to achieve one of my dreams which is to be able to travel around the world. I would love to see how other countries are including their way of life and to see how different other parts of the world are outside of New York City and America. 

       I chose dental hygiene as my major because I am really interested in the Health Care profession. I know its hard and requires a lot of studying, time and dedication but I feel that it will all be worth it after I am really enjoying the career path I chose for myself and my future.  I am currently working in a dentist office as a dental assistant. This job is really helping me out and I am getting a lot of experience with the dental field, being in a professional work environment and I am learning many new things.  It’s great that my current job is related to what profession I want to do with my future. 
         I’ve never been the kind of person who would read for pleasure but if there’s a book where its highly recommended I would try it out. If I would read something by my own choice I’d read a magazine or the newspaper, especially because they are always left on the subway and they are right there. Writing is something I don’t enjoy too much, but I don’t particularly consider myself a bad writer. I don’t think I have the best vocabulary and I need work on fixing that.  The types of technology I use are computers and cell phones. I’m not too technology savvy, I use the computer to look on the internet, do school work and listen to music. Before taking this class I was very unfamiliar with utopias and dystopias, the only knowledge I have is what I had learned in class. Although this course is required for my major I look forward to taking this class and broadening my vocabulary, improving my writing skills and also maybe gaining an interest of reading.