*Room Change: Class in N321 Conference Room Today

Hi everyone:

I hope you all had lovely Thanksgivings, and restful breaks. Just a friendly reminder that Dr. Brian Greenspan is Skyping into our class today to present/discuss his work on locative media and transmedia storytelling. Since our classroom doesn’t have the capabilities for video chat, we’re going to be meeting today instead in the Arts & Sciences Dean’s Conference Room, N321 (enter the office, and then ask the staff there to direct you to the conference room, which is to the right).

Please remember also to bring a read, annotated, printed copy of his DHQ article to class, and come ready to discuss it (as well as the Hafner & Jones, on Video Games and Literacy).

Please confirm you got this message, by quickly replying to this post (just something like “got it” or “ok”) will do. Thanks, and see you at 2pm!

Professor Belli

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