Progress Report 5 —Tony, Goutam, Samson

Progress Report

In the last class we discuss how the requirement of the final write and first draft of the collaborative project. After class, we briefly assigned part of the project report for each one of us to complete and upload to google drive. Samson is going to upload the survey rationale on openlab for professor belli to comment on it. For our synchronous meeting, we are still going to held on Skype on December 7, 2014. Tony is writing the meeting agenda for this meeting, while Samson is doing meeting minute and Goutam is writing the progress report.

For the first draft of the final collaborative project Tony, Samson and I put together everything we did over the past two month. During our meeting on Skype, we have specifically talk about what each of us need to do to accomplish the report as a whole. For the discussion part of the report, Tony is going to discuss about mobile application design and layout, and application features; Samson is going to discuss about survey and term of use, he also made a simple term of use for our mobile app; finally Goutam is writing about the report conclusion and recommendation as well as introduction.

After we have done each individual parts of the report, we have upload everything on google doc. Then we are are going to do proof reading and discuss about the error that might occur. Finally, Tony will be responsible for uploading the first draft to dropbox.