Meeting Minute 4—Tony, Goutam, Samson

Date: 12/07/2014

Start Time: 6:00 pm

End Time: 7:00 pm

Location: Skype video chat at 6:00pm

Attendees: Tony Chi, Goutam Seepersaud, Samson Gong

Objective: To complete the first draft of the final write up.

Work Assigned


  • Work on the part of the project that was assigned.



  • Complete survey rational and post on Openlab.

First Draft

  • Complete introduction, report and conclusion for the first draft.
  • Put together all progress report, minutes and agenda for appendix.
  • Put together the first draft.

Next Class Meeting

  • Complete final draft of the final paper and powerpoint presentation.

Minutes respectfully compiled and submitted by Samson Gong