Class Notes

Class Notes for 12/10/14

1. Final Draft due next week, at the beginning of class.

  •  The portfolio of everything that has been done from beginning to end.
  • The final draft is to be submitted in PDF in the dropbox.
  • Submit an Individual Reflection discussing the project. Minimum of two pages.
  • Also, a final course reflection is needed for the project.
  • They are to be submitted as a word document with: “Your name,” Final Course Reflection and “Your name,” Individual Final Project Reflection.

2. To get more information about the Final Project, go to openlab, then Collaborative Final Project.

Note: When doing a report, remember the key point are: Analysis, Synthesis, Integration and Narrative.

Topic Sentences – Body paragraphs

Three things it should do:

  1. Introduce the main claim of the paragraph
  2. Support/Relate the Thesis/Argument
  3. Transition from the previous paragraph

3. The project is to be completed in MLA ——–work cited.

4. You can also refer to openlab to view “Wrapping up the Semester” where overall, the notes for help on the final project will be, also, as we are celebrating the end of semester, if anyone is bringing refreshments or utensils, reply in the comments area of wrapping up the semester.

Peer Review:

Student Success – Lian, Ivan, Ray, Samson

Video Game – Deniel, Enrique, Calvin

Board Game – Chris, Rosa, Tony

App – Derrick, Iurii, Vincent

Computer Club – Rene, Ogulcan, Goutam

Don’t Forget:

This week:

  • Last week for Agendas, Minutes and Progress Reports
  • Include in Final Draft of report as well
  • Make sure all work are in dropbox


What you learned from peer review/reading other reports/conferences/feedback with professor.