Progress Report 4—Tony, Samson, Goutam

From our last meeting in class, we have presented our first draft project to the class.  During the Q&A, we  noticed that our survey was not effective towards our final app; we also learned that for our bulletin feature, rather than create a fully developed term of use, its better to embed it somewhere on the screen where its easy to be seen. Another thing that we have to improve is to include follow up question in survey for analysis purpose.

Over the thanksgiving weekend, Goutam and Samson have came up with a modified survey which will be available in dropbox and openlab. we will also have it ready for in class survey  next week. In addition, Samson was working on  rationale of the survey and have it posted on OpenLab. In terms of app, we have most of our expected features created in the app and Tony have made a demo version that is displayable in ios device. Hopefully when we finish conducting the survey on next wednesday, we could made some modifications to the demo accordingly of what users are looking forward to.

For this week synchronous meeting on skype and wechat, we have take turns writing agenda and minute, etc. Goutam is doing meeting agenda; Samson is writing meeting minute; Tony is writing the progress report for the week and he will also be doing revision and submit all works to both dropbox and openlab. During our meeting,  we have discussed about our first draft presentation, it is  mainly about what we need to improve in the final presentation and prepare all information and materials needed for the final report.  We have gone over our finalized survey and term of use for bulletin. Hopefully next week, we would have everything ready to be submit and ready for final presentation.