Class notes 11/12 (Samson)

In Class Discussion – Summary

– First sentence of the summary must include title, author, and thesis.

– Reread and fix typo.

– Reverse outline for the article.

– Limit the use of examples given by┬áthe text.

– Use third person writing.

Summary need to be able to present to readers who never read the article. Use┬áinformation given by the article only, don’t alter.


20 points will be taken off if there is no article annotation, and 15 points for lack of annotation.


Minute┬á– Written record┬áof meeting.

Purpose of minute is to keep track of progress internally (for the group) and externally (public information). The audience of the minute can potentially be anyone.

Include in the minute 

– Attendance’s name

– Meeting time, and location

– An example to end the minute. “Respectfully submitted”


Discussion – Annotation bibliography Guideline

1- MLA format citation

2- At least 150 words paragraph summary.

3- How is it useful to your project?

4- Source can not be superficial


Group’s Plan for Next Week

Board Game – Sketch/Layout and draft of the rule

Computer Club – Survey and Memo

Horror Game – Testable game

School’s App – Survey and prototype

Website – Survey


For Next Class

1- Lab day (Bring all materials, sources, etc)

2- Individual meeting with professor (bring draft and questions)

3- Agenda and Minutes due Tuesday night. Blog and upload to Dropbox

*When contacting the professor with┬áproject┬árelated question, do it as a group. Everyone in the group should see the conversation.Unless it’s private*